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We provide well trained and reliable security officers to meet our client’s needs.

Ras Security is a well-established Security Guard Agency in Singapore that provide Security Services and Security Solutions for Residential Building security, Commercial Building security, Industrial Building security, Construction Site security and Event Security.

We also Specialize in Security Technology Solutions and Remote Guarding Services such as CCTV Remote Monitoring.

Ras Security Agency is a A Grade Security Guard Agency in Singapore that has been providing Top security guard services since 2011.

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How can video security system help a factory and What security challenges do factories face?

Factory private security services include professional security guards and high-tech CCTV systems to ensure security in industrial facilities. These services include measures such as constant surveillance, entry-exit control and rapid response to possible security violations to protect factory areas...


Typical duties performed during Patrol Inspections and Importance of Patrolling in Security

The main purpose of a patrol is to maintain the security of the premises under the security guard’s duty. Preparation for a patrol should always begin with an understanding regarding the purpose of the patrol.  The guard should make a list of activities that need to be done while o...


Who is highly in need of concierge services? | Types of Concierge Services

Concierge services are not scheduled for any special group of people. It helps all the busy professionals to squeeze more out of the day or to help a business to enjoy some long-lasting relationship with staff and customers. The industry has several networks and contacts to make these thin...

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